Sorry for the backdated post. Was invited to a local production few weeks back and the movie is called Cuak which will be on the screen this coming December. Cuak is a word from Hokkien dialect but adapted into the Malay community. It roughly means "cold feet" and is the story about Adam who is having second thoughts about getting married and the whole story is told by 5 different directors.

I was invited to the screening of “The Bachelor Party” by Khairil M Bahar as per below trailer:

Whenever we heard of Malaysian production, the first thing that came to mind was how good is it going to be? So, I went there without much expectation. Though it’s just one part out of 5 from the movie, I must say that I was completely wow by it. I must say that Malaysian production is better than I’ve thought. For a local production, I must say that it’s ok. I would have never spent money to watch Malaysian movie at the cinema but this movie will make me reconsider. We were shown the raw edits but I would say what’s very important for a movie is the storyline and how they managed to capture the audience’s attention. Basically you can hear lots of laughter during the premiere. The movie’s conversation is in English mix with BM. DH went with me to the premiere. He can’t understand some of the jokes probably because he is very much Chinese base. Chinese ed and less English/Malay speaking friends.

Part 1: 4/7

Thanks Nuffnang for the invites