DEFINE Urban Recipe to FAME

Got my invites delivered by a super pretty ambassador straight at the place where I was seeing the sinsei.

Super love the invitation pack. Been in the ad industry but this is the first time I see such awesomely creative invitation pack. Loved it so much that I'm keeping the full set as an inspiration.

Anyway back to DEFINEmusic party. I was unlucky caused my ankle hurt badly that I've to go for a 2nd round being a "pork knuckle" that I've to give out my invitation last minute to my plus one so that he can bring a friend over :-(

FAME such a big word yet it's what everyone wants but FAME here refers to Fashion Arts Music Etc. Creativity yet all over again. Though I can't attend, it didn't stop me from asking lots of question to my plus one and both my friends actually took so much photos to tell me their experience. Thank you :)

So nice interior:

There's a lot of nice corktales which I missed it :-( An alcoholic missing alcohols. Damn...

It's spelled CORKtales

And they got 12 coupons to change for drinks. I miss my alcohols... NOOOOOO....

The location was kept secret until we got the invitation pack and according to my plus one, the place is quite nice but a bit cramp when the crowd starts to grow.

Some of the bands rendering their songs


And he likes DJ Particia K the most. She's good.


And thanks for passing me the DEFINEmusic CD. It's now playing in my car. And I just realized I took my car for 1 year and I have never tested my CD/DVD player. OMG. Lucky it's functioning. Hehehe...

 Bought ankle support and according to the sinsei, I can start running next week. Lol!

Next round of DEFINE party, I'm gonna make sure I'm going.

 OMG so pretty.

And they are giving Urbanscape tickets. Really wanted the tickets after seeing all my ex-colleagues attended Urbanscape 2012.