Kiss Me Event

I'm blogging using my iPhone now. Had a rough week and my PC has yet to be fixed. This is gonna be a long post.

Was invited to Kiss Me event at Sunway Lagoon last week thanks to Manoah. It's been ages since I went there. Last I was there, I was still in my pre teens.

*cant adjust pic size and layout using the Blogger app :(

Any way, I was there as Janice's partner *cant hyperlink too :(

I wasn't there as a blogger but it was a fun day out that I decided to share this. The photos are taken from Kiss Me Facebook. We didn't bring our phones and camera as some activities will get us wet.

We were there early and was asked not to put on makeup. We were provided Kiss Me eyeliners and mascara before the activities commenced.

It's obvious that they wanted to show that their products are waterproof but I must say that at the end of the day, they proved it. I like the liquid eyeliner as it's very solid black in color compared to Loreal liquid eyeliner which smudges easily and very light in black. Whereas for mascara, I still prefer Maybelline Falsies or probably Guerlain Noir G that I'm using now.

Divided into team of 4, we were given 8 tasks and we have to finish as much as possible within 1.5 hours to win hampers.

My awesome team mates that I have a lot of fun with.
From left: Michelle, May Li, Janice and me.

We decided to just have fun knowing that we wouldn't win the contest as we actually queued up for all the games while some teams just ignore the queues. We only managed to finish 4 + 1 tasks but overall we had fun especially the Vuvuzela.

Omg. Freaking have to shout while we were falling but it was amazing. Janice was the only one who had played this before but we did mentioned to come and play this together again.

My awesome team mates who did the number 8 kayaking. 

And we got a plus 1 by the Marshall at another check point because the queue was ridiculous.

And the most freaking thing ever:

Putting my hand into an aquarium of roaches.
Omg I was freaking out but thanks May Li for protecting me.

And lastly the haunted house

Which was not scary because to me horror movie doesn't freaks me. Roaches do. Lol. I'm so abnormal.

At the end of the day, there were pampering session of makeover, hairdo and manicure.

I did my own makeup as the queue was too long. Besides, I was trained in a beauty company before. Not hard for me to do my makeup. Lol. My curl was done by the makeup artist there. 

My comment, the eyeshadow pigment is not very strong. I used my finger to dabbed it on but you can't see much. However, if a brush is used, it's different. You can see my eyebrows for that. So dark brown in color. 

It was a memorable day and I made quite a lot of new friends ;)