NN Food Fest

I miss my desktop. I feel something amiss without it - I can't blog properly, access personal email and go online :(

And my foot is not getting better 

2nd bandage after a week. 

The sinsei asked me to rest my foot and not walk too much. But the strain while driving especially to step on the brake is unavoidable and granny been making me to run around just to get her food supply almost every day. How to get well like that? She likes to ask me to get 1 item at a time and expect to get it immediately and not in a list even after I told her to let me know what she needs a few days earlier and not expect immediately I can do magic.

Talking about food supply, Nuffnang organized a Food Fest at Sunway Puramid and all everyone need to do is twEAT and eat for free. Such a nice concept as we get to test out food in bite size. If only I can easily get food for granny using a twEAT how good would that be right…

It's a nice weather during the food fest and loads of people. 

Some food and drink pics below:

Finally get to try Chatime pear green tea. I still prefer my passion fruit green tea.

Got complimentary 6 beer vouchers from GAB and Nuffnang

Asked my sister and bf to come drink with me as the day before was her birthday. Initially I was supposed to drink with them at 4ish but ended up they came at 8.30pm. I was full from testing out foods around and have to stand aside few rounds just to charge my iPhone. My iPhone battery is getting weak. 10% battery can last me for a few minutes and the phone will auto shut down at 8% battery :(

But Nuffnang made it easier for us to safe by battery rather than clicking so many buttons and typing, they had their own app for us to tweat immediately. And also it helps locate all the stores there :)

And a short video on the day of the event

Talking about Nuffnang event, I've not blog about my Lepak With Nuffies. I transferred out my the pics to my PC and hopefully my hard disk is still working. If got the chance to retrieve the pics, I will blog about it *finger-crossed*

Next big event would be Churpout which is this Saturday. Anyone going?