Penang Road Famous Teo Chew Cendol in PJ

Apparently the famous Penang Cendol opened their first outlet in PJ. Went and taste it out with my sis during the Malaysia Day. It's at Paradigm Mall and only start operation at 11am. You will see long queue for place to sit once business starts.

The cendol is nice but the ingredient inside - red bean & cendol, are very less as you can see in the video. The cendol is slightly diluted. If it's richer/thicker, then it's as perfect as the one in Penang.

Rating: 4/7
Damage: RM2.10/bowl

The one from Penang

Oops. Pic from another blogger. 

I think I didn't snap shoot the cendol picture cause I was too busy drinking mine at Penang. Hahaha... but managed to capture the picture of the queue. LOL

Happy trying :)