Special ID - Odd Thomas

Am queuing up at #GSChorrorfest while writing this post. Am officially so 'black' that my car is leaking while I was planning to come out at 4pm. Thus, here I am at quite far from the front queue.

So here I'm reviewing 2 movies before my horror movie marathon begins. I was at Kuching the past few days. It was raining at Kuching that we decided to go for a movie because our sightseeing plan has to be cancelled. So there I was at Kuching watching Special ID by Donnie Yen.

I would say the whole movie is all about fighting from start til end. The fighting scene seems to hold 80-90% of the movie. I mean though I love action pax, this is way too over and the storyline is average only. 

There are some sense of humour in the movie but overall the movie is not very entertaining.

Rating: 3/7

Came back from Kuching and went to Odd Thomas premiere by Nuffnang. 

Not even scary and I wouldn't even categorized it as a horror movie. Basically at the end of the story, I felt that the movie doesn't make much sense though I would say that the ending kinda melt my heart a little since there's a slight twist playing with viewer's emotion.

And one thing about the movie whenever Stormy calls Odd, Oddie, it made me think of Odie from Garfield. I don't know why even though the pronounciation is different. 

Rating: 2/7