Belvedere 212 VIP Party

Thanks Manoah for the invite to the Belvedere 212 VIP Party. "Don't just go to the party. Be the party" coupled with "Are you on the list" made the event exclusive - for the VIP whereby it's more of having the attitude and personality and not about money and fame.

The party was held at Signature, The Roof and it was my first time there.

One of the reason I joined blogger event as I wanted to meet new people and enlarge my social circle and this event really gave me a chance to do so. This is the first time I attend a drinking event without a plus one and I was lucky to have Jolie as a companion. We have met a few times during events and exchange few words but thanks to this event, we managed to have proper conversation. By not bringing a plus one, I'm forced to get out of my comfort zone and really make friends.

Me with Jolie. 
*I feel extremely petite and small standing next to the model.*

It's free flow of Belvedere Vodka that night.

One of the place we can collect our drinks.

There're 3 drinks served that night:

Vodka with Cranberry Juice

And then Vodka with Soda

And lastly Vodka with Orange but I didn't manage to get it since Belvedere vodka with flavoured drinks

Among the 2 drinks of course I preferred the one with Cranberry. I'm still not used to drinking liquor with soda only.

There's cabaret dance, pole dance.....

 Deal or no deal for those who purchased Belvedere bottles

 And DJ performance

Though there's no kaki to drink and the performance didn't really gain my interest much, I had a very interesting conversation that night. I loved meeting inspirational people. Their passion in the things they do is so intensified that it is influential. Thanks for enlightening me. There's still plenty that I can learn from you and hopefully we can continue our conversation since it was interrupted.

Coincidentally, a friend's friend was at The Roof so I decided to catch up with him. It was very loud at The Roof that we decided to adjourn to a mamak. But my thoughts was still at the unfinished conversation.

Left the event with the 212 VIP fragrance vial. The fragrance was divided "For Him" and "For Her".

I got the For Her vial but added in 
CH Men + nice keychain in this picture to make it look perfect.
The keychain is not available in Malaysia.

I haven't tested For Her but it's a mix of heady rum and exotic passion fruit with abundant musk and distinguished gardenia. A fun, festive and floral fragrance.

While this is how For Him looks like:

Watch out for the new 212 VIP in 2014. Wondering if there's going to be another VIP event then.