I actually loved the English name "Carrie" and have thought of using it as my own. Even up til now, I favoured this name.

Any way, back to the movie Carrie. I thought I was very late that day as the email mentioned movie to start at 9.15pm but it was actually at 9.30pm. Thanks Churper for giving me such a good seat. I was seated right in the middle.

Carrie follows the story of a conservative girl which I find the whole movie to be typical, predictable, over exaggerated and the director just don't know how to end the movie that he decided to abruptly end it.

Rating: 1/7

Btw, found this activation featured on A&M to be quite cool

Have you considered having telekinesis power like Carrie before? I used to especially when I watched The Charmed Ones where Piper has such power.