GSC Horror Fest

My blog posts are back tracked but this is a must to cover because I'm a horror movie fan. Thanks Churp Churp for the awesome invite.

We began #GSCHorrorFest with a Horror Feast:

Can you believe that actually ate all this "human parts".

My partner in crime:

Thanks for being a good companion

I was having fun taking pictures around with the cosplay before the movies start. I love the ambiance

3 horror movies back to back with a short break between each and let the review begin:

Rigor Mortis
We started with Rigor Mortis which is a Hong Kong horror movie which I find to be quite rojak.

The story writer must be undecided to choose between a Chinese Zombie and spirits that he combined both. At the end of the movie, I don't know what's the key take back. I was confused and find the whole story without sense. I wouldn't recommend you to watch.

Rating: 1/7

Second Sight

If I were to categorized this movie, I wouldn't say Second Sight is a horror movie. It's more of a romance. It's romance with some ghost appearing in the story. Overall, the story is quite sad at the end. A twist and I kinda enjoy it even though it's not scary. Not a horror movie but love story and there're a lot of scene where you will laugh due to the humour.

After watching this movie, this phrase is in mind: Karma is a bitch.

Rating: 3.5/7

Insidious 2

I would say that a lot of rewinds of the story and linking to the first chapter.

There are a number of parts that kinda where you want the actors to run to safety but all in all, I still find the first chapter to be better.

Rating: 3/7