H for Happiness. H for H-Artistry KL

Yeah just got my PC fixed and can finally blog properly ;)

So many delayed blog post and I'm gonna swam you with loads of posts soon but gonna be in staggered stage since I'm down with fever, flu, sore throat and now cough and it's my second medication today onwards. If only I can go party today like last weekend during the H-Artistry KL, Super Clubbing Event.

It's my first time attending the event and my manager told me that he had great fun during the previous Hennessy Event and that he attended the very first Hennessy Event. Classic. So, I was happily anticipating for the event :) We reached Mines at 7pm and parked at the open area for only RM5 which I think is super cheap. Then we grabbed our dinner at the shopping complex before heading to MIECC.

At the entrance and am sure everyone took picture with this Hennessy word

Free flow of Hennessy woots

It's not my first time to MIECC but the whole place is completely changed that I barely could recognized.

There's the entrance and then Hennessy Art of Mixing Zone where we are taught to mix our own Hennessy Drink.

4 Hennessy V.S.O.P signature long drinks and below are arranged accordance to my favourite:
1) Hennessy Apple
2) Hennessy Berry
3) Hennessy Ginger
4) Hennessy Soda

Loved Hennessy Apple the first sipped I took while the berry takes a bit of time to my liking. I was undecided whether to let Hennessy Ginger to come first because I kinda love it. Reminds me of Gingerbeer. Hehehe... Hennessy Soda still not my type because I still am not receptive to the taste of pure liquor itself. I still prefer having flavoured mixer in it.

Then back to MIECC, there's the main arena which is divided into V, S, O and P zone.

V and S zones are for the VIPs while O zone is for the media and bloggers and it's situated right at the left side of the stage. O Zone is where I am.

Very clear view of the stage.

The music starts at around 9.30pm

And here's the uprising hot NS Yoon-G:

A lot of lip sync and this is the first time I go to such event where the crowd didn't really go that crazy. Everyone was pretty sober and serious to say. Neon Hitch performance on Ass Back Home and Airplanes really got everyone's mood up.

As someone from the advertising world, my friend and I started ignoring the crowd and have fun. I don't know why but I gotta agree with the fact that as long as there's alcohol, people from the Ad Agency will know how to entertain and have fun in their own way. The crowd only got crazier when the night is approaching 12am which by then, I was already half in my own world trying to look as sober and serious as I could. Lol.

At the end of the day, complimentary mineral water was given out at the exit and me being me being responsible, took a drink and stand one side for a while.

And of course not to be forgotten, pictures with friends and new friends I made that night:

Photo from Hennessy photo booth with the theme "Show Me Your Hennessy Moment"

With Ray, the bodyguard, best friend cum big brother.
Hoped you found inspiration for event design at this party.

With friendly Cindy and Janice.

 With Janice. Will look forward to Dec to meet you in other events.
A familiar face that I will miss bumping into during movie premieres/event.

With Michelle who's in a super nice dress.
(pic credit to Michelle)

With Yukiko who's in sharp stunning red. 
Super contrast compared to the rest of us who is in black 
Thanks for the passing the invites to me and sorry for causing you the hassle.
(pic credit to Michelle)

With Jolie


a new friend whose name I can't remember. Sorry.

Looking forward to next one to come.

More pictures at my Facebook album or you can search #HARTISTRYKL or visit Hennessy Malaysia Facebook