Sin Seng Nam Back in Action?

How many of you remember the famous Sin Seng Nam in KL? They have closed because the owner and all the old workers wanted to retired.

The last day at Sin Seng Nam was jam packed and everything was sold out by 11am. I didn’t even managed to go there. I wanted to head out at 9.45am but I saw a friend’s Instagram that certain things were already sold out and decided to give up.

But guess what? After retiring, the owner finds that he to have too much free time and decided to do something about it. He is selling his famous kaya right now in a bottle. A bottle cost RM3.
The kaya is bigger than this. The standard kaya size 
you can get outside. This one is a sample size.

The kaya is homemade and as such, there’s no preservative and has to be finished within 3 days or you will have to keep it refrigerated. Estimated to last around 1 week if it is refrigerated. No preservative means that it is way healthier than those manufactured whereby the expiry date is 1 to 2 months. Gosh. I remember those kaya used to have 1-week expiry date but now….. can you imagine how much preservative is inside it!

 Smooth, homemade, yummylicious kaya. Sweet but just right.
Not as sweet as the one outsides.

Perfect for breakie with toast and butter.
Sinful and fattening but eat first, exercise later…

Right now, the kaya is made based on orders received. You will have to temporary contact the owner’s son. You can purchase from him but of course as a business he can’t be delivering it to far off places. Not so sure where but probably you can get it nearby One Utama area or you can go to One U to collect. You can contact me for more info :)