Welcome to my world

Blogging from my iPhone. A sudden urge to write my opinion just because it's been in my mind for a long long time. And I really need a platform to release.

There's no point bad mouthing a deceased person. We know him differently and it wouldn't change the way I remember him. Learn to forgive and let go. Death is inevitable. You don't want others to talk bad about you too when you passed on.

There's no point criticizing others because they have all the rights to spend their money the way they loved it. No one is obligated to share their money with you nor others. They can be as selfish as they want to because the money is not earned by you.

Don't look down on people who is not educated or have lower education level because they can be more successful then you think. So what if a person is a graduant or not, everyone has their own talent. Besides they know how to respect others and not 狗眼看人低. They are more morally educated. And even more united when there's problem compared to some who are educated but selfish and fake.

There's no wrong for a girl to be single. We are independent enough to earn and support ourselves. We don't need to rely on guys to live. It's better being single than being with a jerk.

Everyone has their own life. Respect their freedom, privacy and how they want to live it. They don't have to abide to your rule and it doesn't matter how you see them or bad mouth them because who caressss 
*though I seem to care too much to even blog about it. 

But life doesn't revolves around you, yourself. I prefer to lead my own. 

Welcome to my world. Not yours.....