Approaching 2014

It’s the time of the year to start planning for 2014 though I’m quite late. I didn’t set any resolution for 2013 cause I was kinda lost and just embarking on a new job end 2012. Lots of anonymity and I just wanted to go with the flow.

This year is another year of embarking on a new job yet again. Hahaha… A journey to the unknown again? I would say yes but rather than feeling lost like last year, it’s something I’m familiar with but in a different industry.

I realized majority of the resolution I made the previous years are all about personal growth – i.e: in career wise, being more independent by getting a car, buying a house, etc. It’s an improvement of character and material wise. I’ve neglected my health and was hospitalized in May for viral fever. I’ve fully recovered but my immune system is still weak and will easily get infected if anyone near me is sick. Damn! Don’t come near me if you are sick!

Sorry BUT

Come 2014, my biggest resolution is to take care of my health.  Most importantly - to boost back up my immune system. I want to change my lifestyle and take care of my diet. I’ve stopped my weekly exercise since my sister’s wedding end Nov and I must start back this weekend actually.

Not just that, I need to change back my internal clock – to go to bed earlier (possible before 12am). My internal clock has gone haywire for the past 2 weeks and I only fell asleep at 3-4am. Gosh! My eye bagssssss…… That’s the reason why I skipped my morning run too because I can’t wake up during the weekends.

I will consume more natural antioxidant especially I’ve completed stop after I moved in to granny place. I didn’t get the chance for my weekly fruit blends since she calculates every single fruit I bought and dominates them :(  It’s time to start back this habit of mine. It is inner health that will make one radiates and look better. I want to look healthy.

Only antioxidant that I'm taking cause granny don't take lemon

Apart from that, I need to change my outlook too. Working in a beauty industry, I used to wear nicely going to work and going out. Putting on makeup is a must (COMPULSORY). After I fell sick, I totally ignore it and didn’t even bother about proper skin care. I need to start back as I look horrible and pale. And not only that my skin is peeling that my ex-colleague been giving me 1 big load of toners and moisturizers to use. Thanks Mr Awesome :)

My super pale look nowadays

And how I look if I dressed up
Really must do something about my appearance.

I wanna improve my outlook not just from beauty perspective but also inner health that shines. Probably this make my 2014 resolution a beauty resolution in summary.