DJ Chuckie and Asahi on a Wednesday

What's better than drinking in the middle of the week? It's a good break in between while waiting for Friday night and it made me miss Ladies Night. Lol... Haven't go drinking in between work days for some times since it's tiring to wake up early the next day. My body was way to weak in my previous job to actually go out so often. At least at my current job I'm way better.

So, back to the topic. It's Future Music Festival Award pre party and it's at The Roof - Play. My second time to The Roof but first to Play.

Thanks Manoah for the media passes.

I was there way too early and the whole place is so empty which I was a bit lost but it's a good thing for photo taking.




And thanks Mint Magazine writer for the companion. She is so kind for chatting with me. I'm sorry I forgotten your name already. Sorry.

We were chatting and saying that there's not many people who is willing to party and drink on a Wednesday but I guess not the ad people since I met Dwayne with his friends from all sort of different Agencies. I went to mix around with them for a while.

The event started at 11 when the crowd starts to flow in.

More people coming in.

2 other DJs spinning up there.

By 12 something, people were mentioning that DJ Chuckei has went to the other side of The Roof to spin. Sorry that I did not know he came back at almost 1am to spin and the place just got crazy.

Hi DJ Chuckei

I had to leave after DJ Chuckei started spinning about 30 minutes because I badly need some time to rest before work tomorrow. And I had to stop drinking after 2-3 bottles because I had to drive back. My drinking level getting bad and as such can't drink a lot. But I had an enjoyable Wednesday night thanks to Manoah. If only I don't have to drive and work the next day... *evil grin*

All pictures taken via my iPhone 4S. I'm saving to get a camera since my old one broken down almost a year back. Hopefully next year by March/April I can get a decent one before my trip.