The Wolf & The Firestorm

11.12.13 only happens once every few hundred years. It's so special and coincidentally that it's a holiday for me today. Managed to go to BBW 2013 and bought quite a number of books but lesser than what I got last year cause I went twice.
 My haul today.

Been going to BBW every since I started working and have been loving it. Every single year, I look forward to it. Saw Says has written a 15-tip on how to survive BBW which is very useful for beginners.

Any way, wanna include 2 points here:
Point 1
I was bang by many people while I was there but this is common. I know I also knocked a few people here and there because I got lost in my own world looking for books but I still try as much as possible to avoid others. Nothing to shout about I know but this big guy in particular knocked me so hard that I nearly trip and fell and I hurt my right leg again. I know I may be small and short but please look out. At least I'm okay *though my old pain is back and probably need to use back my ankle support*. What if it's a little kid who is there buying books? Try to be more considerate.

Point 2
Some people tend to put their box of books on the books and block all the books that's underneath it like this:

It's annoying as I can't see what's there and might miss the book that I want. I tried to hint. There are people who will notice immediately and move their boxes aside while there are some selfish people who pretended not to know. Inconsiderate max.

Any way, back to the special date thingy - got to watch the premiere of Firestorm which will be up on Thursday (same day as The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug). It's another good mid week thing to do. Wednesday used to be movie night with DC.

Was in a firestorm mood while I was heading over to the cinema. I guess my patience limit is lower when I'm tired and half sick. I'm bad at controlling my temper. Though I tried hard to do so, I can feel the awful tension that I created. Initially I planned to drive to the cinema and then go back to granny's place since it's less than 5 minutes away instead of going home. But then we changed plan that I don't have to drive. Ended up my friend was so late that I've to rushed to the cinema myself to collect the tickets. Luckily I made it on time and the Churpers are still around.

Back to the movie, I find it to be over exaggerated and the graphic of the shooting scene is very fake. Typical good cop doing things his way for justice story but not thrilling enough. A lot of guns and explosions which is why the movie is called firestorm but meh. Only good thing about the movie is there's a lot of guys too see especially Andy Lau.

Rating: 2/7