A rather different Disney fairy tale. I loved it. Love the storyline, love the animation and all the graphics though my friend couldn't agree with it.

I mean hey... come on. It's a fairy tale after all. What do you want to expect more of it right? It's no longer girl meet boy for the first time and they end up living happily afterall. And the true love is changed some how in this Disney tale. I would say it's heartwarming and funny. Olay is so cute and farrrrrrniiiieeeee.....

Though everyone loves Elsa (The Snow Queen), I prefer Anna (the little sister) instead.

Like her bubbly, cheerful character. Like her naiveness. Like her sisterly love for her sister even after she has rejected her after so many years. She feels more like the main character than Elsa...

Oh and did you realized that since this is based on the classic tale of "The Snow Queen" by Hans Christian Andersen that you see his name appearing in it? Like Prince Hans and probably Kristoff (Christian).

And there's many lovely songs within the show which is kinda repetitive but it become stuck in your mind.

My favourite is "Let It Go"

For The First Time in Forever

Do You Want to Build A Snowman

Oh btw the cartoon started with a short clip of Mickey Mouse which is quite different. Kinda miss childhood and all the cartoons. I used to watch House of Mouse when I was still in Form 5. Lol...

Rating: 6/7