Jinny Boy

I was asked to write about a successful Malaysian between the age of 23 to 40. There was a list of suggestion but I chose to write about someone out of the list. That person is Jin Lim or better known as Jinny Boy.

Remembering the Youtube video My Generasi that depicts school time during the 90s?

I personally felt so related to it. Such wonderful memories that JinnyBoy has evoked. It’s amazing how we were both students from the 90s and he is so successful while I had yet to achieve anything.

At only 28, his works are so remarkable. His first Youtube video, Ah Wing - Malaysia's Number 1 Salesman achieved over 100,000 views in 4 days while My Generasi video went viral within the same time frame with more than 1 MILLION hits. His videos are just simple things/happenings in our daily life but he just hit it right to the point.

What’s inspirational from him is that he walks the talk. Why did I say so? As a radio announcer back then, he was thrown a simple question of  “do you want to be famous?”. He was apprehensive and unsure but he answered with a YES and now here he is – FAMOUS. From just a somebody to JinnyBoy. Jin Lim rise to fame and became well-known for his JinnyBoyTV production. Most of us only talk big but never take action.

JinnyBoy you made us students from the 90s so proud.

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