Project High Tea with the Butterflies

I've been staying at 2 places nowadays and it's hard to blog. It's even harder to blog when I keep going back to my hometown recently where there's no internet connection. How I wish I have a tablet or if my RM5k lappy's motherboard didn't short circuit (which at the end worth less than RM500 sold as spare parts). I've so many delayed posts that I haven't wrote. So sorry for the back track post.

Last laaaaaaaaaast Saturday, was my first time attending an event organized by Butterfly Project Malaysia. It was located at Showcase, Plaza Kelana Jaya which is directly right opposite the Kelana Jaya. Being familiar around the area, I decided to park just at the shop lots outside and walked-in rather than going inside Plaza Kelana Jaya, get lost within the basement parking and walking far away not knowing which is the best spot to park. I like going to places where I know where's the best place to park nearest to the venue I wanted to go to.

I reached there and registered and got this lucky number:

And a lovely doorgift by Etude House and classic storybook by Tammy.

It was a great high tea session as I got to mingle and made a lot of new blogger friends.

With the bloggers doing crazy post.
Back row from left: Zhi Xin, Lizzie, CP Moon and Fiona
Front row from left: Julianna, Me, Fiona and Su Quan
P/S: If I'm wrong do correct me

I had a very good conversation with them over high tea and it feels great not having the weird dunno what to chat session as everyone is very friendly. Since it's a high tea session of course there's great food and coffee/tea by Ask Joey.

 Such lovely deco.
P/S: Ignore the other blogger hand on the left.

Love the butterfly cupcake.

Not to miss out the gist of the high tea is it's the celebration of officiating The Butterfly Project Malaysia's website by Serverfreak Malaysia.

Serverfreak even taught us on starting up our own blog site under our own self domain. Understanding the users need, Serverfreak even came out with a Wordpress Easy Setup.

I know many people who gave up starting their blog or gave up half way while writing the blog due to the complexity of it. There're many steps involved and even though I would like to set up my own domain, the thought of adapting to a new platform and "migrating" my old posts are just scary. And all the complexity to redesign, relayout just chase me away further.

Any way I had to leave half way while Serverfreak representative was explaining on the web domain setup because I had to rush back to my hometown.

Dad fell into a big drain and his leg is so swollen :'( 
He can't even walk at the first week.
He's still using "tongkat" now and it's aching like crazy.

Lizzie and Fiona informed me in my Instagram post that I was one of the 2 lucky draw domain name and blogging packages but because I left, the prize was given to another blogger.

But then, what's more important than family right? As I get older, I realized that my parents are getting older too. And I think everyone do need this constant reminder to spend more time with their parents. It's not something new but majority of us always take things for granted until it's too late and all that's left is regret. Appreciate every single person by your side. Even if you don't meet them face-to-face, remember to call.

Though I didn't get the gift, I am very grateful for it as I've never won any lucky draw before and this is the first time my name was selected. Hahaha... And thanks Butterfly Project Malaysia for an enjoyable high tea session and sorry that I have to leave abruptly. More picture here.