The Hobbit: The Desolation of The Smaug

The Hobbit is going to be on screen tomorrow. Are you all excited?

Thanks to Churp Churp, I get to go and watch it 2 days earlier and many are as excited as I do. The movie was at 8.45pm and ticket collection starts at 8pm but guess what?

I reached at 7.30pm and there's already people in 
the line waiting for ticket collection.

By 7.45pm, the queue is very long. CK was still at work so I was alone waiting in queue. I don't mean to eavesdrop but the guys behind me were so loud. I listen incredulously when they were suggesting for their friend to sell off other premiere tickets, bid it out to other friends. Like that also can =.=!!? But probably they are just joking while waiting for time to pass.

Will you sell off your tickets?

Any way, CK finished work late and we decided to head to Sakae Sushi for a quick munch. Our sushi order was so slow and service was not satisfying. I asked to cancel order only they started serving us. Ended up we were late to the movie hall but luckily the movie was delayed. Not only we got extra time to go to the washroom, change to contact lenses (I forgotten it was 3D) but we also managed to catch up because ended up the movie started an hour late. We don't feel that it was delayed so long as were happily catching up and didn't pay attention to the time. Initially wanted to blog immediately after the movie but since we got home late plus bathing time, I decided to sleep. But still wanna share before the movie is up on screen. Hehehe...

I love the first Hobbit and I rated it 6/7. This time around, I will give the same. The movie is good but I guess it doesn't has as much suspense as the previous one but it has more fighting scenes and a hot female fighting inside. And the graphic is good. Based on my review on the first Hobbit I mentioned that IMAX would be enough instead of the IMAX 3D but this round, I will say the opposite. The Hobbit 2 is in HFR 3D and the graphic is super awesome and nice. And I can see much change in Bilbo

Spoiler alert that there will be part 3 =P

Rating: 6/7