The Hunger Games Catching Fire

I'm craving for alcohol at this time of the night and it's a weekday some more. Die lor... becoming an alcoholic soon.

Whatsapp Jessie on Monday night to watch Hunger Games Catching Fire as both of us had said we wanna watch together since day-1 but never found the right time to watch together.

As usual I'm random since it's a Monday midnight movie and Tuesday is a working day. Lol. Jessie was half sick and she still came out to watch with me. Just love how compatible our randomness can be. But I catch her flu bug the next morning and was bad since I didn't get proper rest.

Back to the movie. This is way better than part 1. The story build up is good that I'm excited about Part 3. The end is open ended just like The Hobbit: The Desolation of the Smaug. However, you will have to take note that the story seems a lot slower. It's 2.5 hours long.

Katniss looks so different in this movie. She looks entirely different in every costumes she wore. I particularly love her wedding gown turning into Mockingjay. And it's confusing whether Katniss loves Peeta or not. She seems to love him but at the same time, she already has Gale as her lover. I wonder who will she ends up with.

Rating: 6/7