Xixili - An Epic Tale of Snow Queen

I was invited to Xixili - An Epic Tale of Snow Queen two Fridays back.

Thanks Sabrina for the invite. This is my first time over to Xixili event. Previously I was invited as a plus one to my friend at Xixili Mid Valley Fashion Week 2013 but I couldn't make it as I have a family event on that date. I was excited heading over to Parkson Pavilion where the fashion runway is at. I left office quite late that day as I'd went home during lunch hour to accompany granny as a technician guy was there to fix the washer. Got back office an hour late as parking was ridiculous to find. So, I stayed back. I rushed down to KL and was lucky since I'm directly in the opposite direction from the traffics. Parked at Pavilion jockey (RM10) and rushed up to Parkson Level 4 *phewwww* just in time before the show starts.

The fashion runway was for the launch of Xixili Autumn/Winter 2013 lingerie collection and the theme "An Epic Tale of Snow Queen" was actually based on Hans Christian Andersen classic tale of "The Snow Queen". I loved that classic story and the story was narrated by Nadia Heng but with a slight edition to Xixili version of Little Kaily dressed in Xixili collection and walked on the runway together with 7 other lovely models.

Little Kaily with Snow Queen.
Pic courtesy from Xixili

Don't wanna be too long winded so here are the pictures of the new collection and some are actually a preview of Spring/Summer 2014. Spot it yourself ;)

The runway is ended with Little Kaily singing Feliz Navidad

A short snippet here but video quality is quite bad cause it's taken using iPhone 4S:

My door gift from Xixili


Thanks RMK for the gifts. I already got the big cleansing oil 
so I wouldn't be needing the RM50 rebate coupon.

Do you know that Xixili is a home-grown Malaysia label? I've been buying from this brand but never know about it until my sister told me last year. I've always like this brand because most brand in Malaysia doesn't fit in bigger boobs gal - Xixili has an extensive size range of brassieres from A to I cups and under band sizes 65-100 which means a wider range of brassiere size.