Counting Down to 2014

Good morning. It's already 2014 today. Last night was crazy. Started journey down to KL to We Love Asia at 6 plus (after working hours) and surprisingly, the road down to KL was so clear beyond expectation. It was only a little jam around the arch (border of Selangor and KL).

We reached Kenanga City Mall around 7pm and we grabbed dinner before heading up to the roof top. The security was very tight that they actually did body check on everyone. We reached there around 8-ish when ChukieSS was performing.

The music is awesome especially when Leon Bolier was presenting.

The music is awesome but the crowd ain't that good. Majority of the crowds are in their teens/early twenties. Majority of the crowds don't drink as well :(

We were at the drinking zone which is on the right. And above pic is the drinking zone while the rest on the left and back are people standing, just chill out and dance only.

But the music and scenery are awesome....

This is such a good view of the fireworks. Looking out to the KL Tower and Twin Tower. We were undecided if we should stay or leave. We finished 1/2 dozens of beers while we were there. Chilling near the balcony looking out KL view. Cindy came and we all finally decide to head for a second round at another place.

 With Jessie & Cindy. Had a good night out with them and Ray.

While we were passing by KLCC, how I wish there was jam so that I can view the fireworks but unexpectedly again, the traffic is good. Another year without fireworks since 2011. Saddddddd

 My friend playing with the camera from Kenanga City Mall. If only this is the firework.

Really wish I can see the fireworks this year but oh well..... Will have to wait for another year. Happy New Year.