Delivery Man & Devil’s Due Review

I wanted to name this post Babies Delivery but find it kinda odd though both stories relate to it but in extremely different manner.

The Delivery Man is about David Wozniak (Vince Vaughn), a delivery driver for his family business who leads a sort of “loser” life but more to that, to his unknown, he is actually the biological father of 533 children (for donating sperm 693 times) of which 142 would like to know his identity.

It’s funny but at the same time quite heartwarming. However, the storyline is rather slow for a comedy. Slow story built-up. Not your typical comedy that you get to laugh from start til end. Emotional. But there’s a part where you need to connect the puzzle piece on why he donated sperms for so many times.  I don’t wanna be a spoiler so just go figure it out yourself ;)

Rating: 3.5/7

Devil’s Due on the other hand is a horror movie depicting a newlywed with an earlier/unplanned pregnancy and the whole “spooky” part of the pregnancy up til the delivery of the baby.

To my horror the moment the movie starts is that I didn’t watch the trailer and didn’t realize that it’s yet again another “Paranormal Activity” cinematographic style. The worst part is that the motion sickness is way way way more compared to The Marked One. Gosh… Thinking of it gives me a headache. The shaking of the camera is even more extreme. But I still stay til the end and can conclude that the story is not nice. Leaving the cinema and heard comments from the rest and here are some interesting one:
  • “Got cheated to watch the movie”
  • “Boring. You see everyone look so sleepy”
  • “A waste of time”
The movie is just the start of the “Devil’s Due”. If there’s a part 2, I wouldn’t go and watch unless there's like superb review on it. The movie is not scary at all. Totally agree with the person commenting that it’s boring.

Rating: 2/7

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