Kaizen @ Puchong

Didn't know that there's this Japanese restaurant at the area nearby to Setia Walk. Every time I go to Puchong, it's usually just straight to Setia Walk or the shops opposite of IOI Malls. This is the first time I go some where further.

4 of us went to this Japanese restaurant called Kaizen located at the shop houses after Setia Walk. Didn't know that the restaurant is here for 6 years already.

 This is the front of the shop

Yeah... I know what you are thinking because the signage didn't give a good impression. Probably should ask my designer friends to give them a little help as the interior is quite good and the food are surprisingly nice. It's always good to go something without setting expectation as always. You might be surprise with what you get.

Here's a short simple clip on the place and food

I guess it's a norm for people to order Ocha (green tea) whenever we go for Jap.

And sashimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis

 There's Shima Aji, Tai, Toro , Salmon Belly, Kapachi and Bottan Ebi (Prawn) 
Total damage: above RM250 plus.

I loved eating salmon and the salmon belly is awesome. And I also like the Toro fish. I find eating raw prawn a bit weird but the taste is still acceptable. Not to be forgotten is that we managed to ordered "Tai" because it's the Tai fish season. I don't think you can find it in the menu. All this sashimis can be ordered separately and their price differ. I.e: Shima Aji RM60+, Toro RM40+

Do you know that you has to start eating sashimi from the lighter coloured to the darker coloured meat? This is because the darker coloured ones taste a lot stronger. If you start eating with the darker coloured, it will covered your taste bud and as such, you wouldn't be able to taste the lighter coloured sashimi.

Not to be forgotten...... fresh oysters

 The oysters are super fresh because it's rear in an aquarium at their shop.

Some places where you eat the oyster is super geli but this is just right. Within 2 bites and it's finished. Yummylicious. This is my first time eating super fresh oyster unlike the ones that we can find at Japanese buffets.

And then we continued with eating maki.......

Dragon Roll (RM25)

This is fried tiger prawn topping with avocado. The prawn is super big size. As usual, I can't place the whole thing is in a bite. So much for following sushi etiquette.

Avocado Salmon Roll (RM8.90 for 3 pieces)

Yup in the picture there are 4 pieces. The chef did it so that all 4 of us can eat. Yeah!

Since we are quite full, we continued with prawn salad

The salad is quite special. The the sauce is a combination of sesame with miso. As such, it's not super thick nor super creamy but just right. Wouldn't be super jelak.


The sauce taste like sweetcorn. I don't know why but it's not. Sabrina loved the sauce and she finished it.

 Ebi mentai (Prawn with fish egg sauce) - RM26 for a prawn cut into half

We were quite full by the time this dish came. So, we chill out and chat for a while. By the time we continued eating, we found to be cold already. And it's overcooked so it sticks to the shell.

 Pork and kobe beef

Oh yes. This is a non halal Japanese restaurant that serve pork. Oink oink... I'm not a beef eater so I don't know how does it taste like. But as a Buddhist, I actually preferred the beef to be served at a separate plate because the beef touches some of the pork and which is why I only took the corner ones. Lol...

We were very full by this time but there's still ramen that was in the list and luckily it was a shared portion. Each of us got a mini bowl.

I find the soup to be a little salty while the rest finds it to be okay. Probably because I'm used to cooking and boiling soup on my own, I prefer food to be less salty. Some times I don't use salt in my soup as well.

No matter how full I am, there's always space for dessert. Mango dessert with ice creammmmm (RM6.90)

This is the only self-made dessert by the Chef. The pudding is not the super smooth type as it's pure mango blended and mix with other ingredients made into pudding.

Rating: 4/7 (I'm gonna minus a few mark for cleanliness)

Address: No 30, Jalan Puteri, 47100 Puchong, Selangor
Opening hours:
11.30am-2.30pm (lunch)
6.00pm-10pm (dinner)
Monday - Sunday. 360 days all year round apart from CNY Eve & 4 days of CNY.