Mary Quant Lengthening Mascara

Got a Mary Quant Action Lashings Mascara before Xmas. This is the first time I heard of Mary Quant and as such I decided to do some background check. Mary Quant is a brand from UK and used to be very famous back in the 1970s (mum's time before she married daddy) and it's making a come back in Malaysia. It was launched last September in Muse by Watson, Sunway Pyramid.

Mary Quant brand is actually named after the creator who is a fashion creator. She's the one who makes miniskirt and bob hair style to be famous. Sound so cool.

And so back to the mascara. Mary Quant Action Lashings is a lengthening mascara. 

Have to admit that this is the first time I see mascara with such a mascara brush. 

I don't know how to describe it and as such googled for a description: "it comes with a two-sided cool and chip brush, which features short raised bristles on one side and the Oil Gel Formula that gives the mascara it's elasticity; together create sharp and spectacular long lashes. It comes with anti colour fading effects and waterproof (smudge proof)"

Even googled the price of the gift. It's RM109 which is my second most expensive mascara to date.

A simple application and the blue colour is seen. No colour edit in the picture but the difference is due to the lighting and a slight difference of angle. Can't take 100% similar angle on my own.

Lengthen eye lashes that you can actually see from the front angle. 
It lengthens the lashes but not volumised them.

It is said that it cares for lashes that is damaged by curler and makeup. I can't be that sure about it as I personally have quite long lashes and never needed to use curler.

Another confession I have to make is that this is my first coloured mascara because I usually go for the safe black colour. I've tried colour mascara but doubted to get one myself because of my own always play safe manner. Guess this mascara just make my day. Thanks Manoah for the gift :)

Monday blue just become awesome :)