The Burger Factory @ Subang Jaya

I haven't blog about food in a long time even though I'm a foodie. I think you can see more food post in my Instagram than my blog.

I think everyone realized that Malaysian always have this food phenomenon. It started with the donuts then to bubble tea and then now burger and cafes.

Went to Subang for burger with bro and his gf to eat burger. Didn't know that The Burger Factory just opened an outlet at Subang Jaya SS15. The first outlet is at Kota Kemuning which is quite far away from home. You will definitely will never miss this outlet as it's right in front of your eyes the moment you turn right at Public Bank.

It's right at the corner

We reached there at about 7pm and the place is quite pack.

The burger menu

Unlike some burger joint where you can choose your type of bread, The Burgery Factory has it fix. If you do not know which burger to choose, just choose the most expensive one. Those are the recommended one. Lol...

Bro ordered Bacon Razor. I can smell the beef just when it was served. Eeeee... I'm not a beef eater due to religion and as such, I don't wanna comment. The comment came from bro: the beef patty is tender and juicy. You can taste the cheese in between the layers of beef. But the middle of the patty is a little uncooked.

Bacon Razor (RM18.90)

Bro's gf and I both arent' beef eaters and as such, we ordered the chicken burgers as The Burger Factory is a pork free eatery.

Aloha (RM13.90)

Texas (RM16.90)

While waiting for our meal to reach, I was dreading. I went to a burger joint for a blogger event before where the chicken burger has the beef taste in it as they shared the same grill and I didn't bother to blog about it thereafter. They should be more considerate since we are of different religion in Malaysia. Luckily The Burger Factory doesn't have this problem. Pheww...  

Bro gf and I us actually exchanged and share each other's meal. The portion is actually too big for us to finish. We could actually just share a set. Aloha is grilled chicken breast with cheddar cheese, pineapple, caramelize onion and a sunny side up while Texas is deep fried chicken chop, cheddar cheese, caramelize onion, grilled pineapple, ham, caesar dressing and hickory smoke sauce.

I personally prefer Texas as the chicken meat is more tender and it's chicken thigh. Aloha is chicken breast and when it's chilled, it tends to get harder. Besides, anything fried is always yummier though unhealthy.

Bro and gf think that the fries that comes together with the burgers are slightly tasteless but I like it since I don't prefer food to be too salty. However, we were more captivated with the curly fries *forgotten to snap pic =.=!! We finished the curly fries but couldn't finish the fries that came with our meal.

The service is rather slow and the waiting time for the food is quite long too.

We all tried the burger but there are more than that:

Here's the non burger menu for your review.

I wouldn't recommend you all order burger if you are on a eat and drink date as eating burger is super messy unless you don't mind ;p

Rating: 4/7
Address: A13, Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya, 47500 Petaling Jaya.