3 Most Common Conversation with the Relatives

It's the festive season again and the time to meet all relatives who we haven't meet for a long time. It's also to brace ourselves for questionssssssssssss; the conversation starter.

This is usually the very very first thing that they will ask you: your relationship status:

 If you are single
- Do you have a bf/gf?
- How come so long still haven't paktor (dating)?
- Where's your bf/gf? How come don't bring them along? (If they have doubts that you are in a relationship)
- Did you set your requirement too high that no guys dare to approach you?

The best way to reply is I'm waiting for you to introduce to me because there's no good guys I know. This usually works wonder to render them speechless a while unless the person you are talking to is a " 姨妈姑姐" (translated to English is aunties who loved to gossips). So, they will usually reply with they don't know anyone or they will try to point to some other people for help with which they tried not to get involved. End of conversation. Yeah! ;p

If you are in a relationship
- When are you going to get married?
- When is your turn to give angpao?
- Last angpao ya. Next year your turn to give, okay?

I used to reply "still young/studying" and let it brush off. I guess I no longer belong to that group any more. OMG. I'm old!

If you are married
- When are you planning for a child?
- When are you planning to have another child? (If you already have children)

Your work would be the next thing that they will talk about especially relating to BONUS/SALARY. People are always curious about how much you are earning. Sometimes I ponder if it makes any difference knowing or not since it doesn't matter to the one who's asking.

And also they will never understand what you really do. I get this a lot especially when I was in advertising. People will always question what's advertising executive/servicing/account executive:
- So, what's your role in advertising?
- You do the ads? No? Then what's exactly is your role?
- Why do you have to work long hours?
- So you do accounts? No? Then why are you called account executive?
And the list goes on and on.............................

Your outlook will be commented on. Be it you become fatter/skinnier, changed your hair colour/length, clothings, makeups etc... You can never run away from it. I guess the most sensitive is the weight. Don't you agree so?

- Wah you look chubbier. How many kilos have you put on?
- OMG. You are so skinny lar. Not nice. How come you lose so much weight?

The rest of the topics seems trivial but I guess the above are always the dreaded questions. It's like never ending. Every single time you meet them also they will asked back the same questions. Some times, I just feel like doing this:

Til then!

This post was inspired by a reading from The Star Metro on the 10 Most Annoying Questions by Relatives