a matter of philosophy

there's a saying that "philosophy is a matter of choice and question". but believe it or not, "the best cosmetic is great looking skin". truth be told, having a radiant looking skin makes you more beautiful then looking dule and pale. i believe majority of us don't put on cosmetic 24/7 and as such, having a great looking skin is the best and having said so, a proper skin care regime is a must.

with joy

philosophy has just landed in Malaysia for about a month and selling in sephora. philosophy is a brand that approaches beauty from a skin care point of view. the brand is founded in 1996 by christina carlino and its product are based on rich, scientific heritage. not just that, every single product comes with inspirational messages to inspire true beauty inside out.

philosophy products are designed to enhance skin well-being and the best thing is that it has multi-tasking benefits. not only that, even people with sensitive skin like me can use it.

each product has a story and it was a pleasure that robin white, director, global press and dr hew, founding member of the malaysian society of aesthetic medicine and current vice president to be bringing us through.

dr hew (front left) & robin (front right)

we were introduced to peel first.

the microdelivery peel
in-home vitamin c/peptide peel

it doesn't just exfoliates but rejuvenates the skin with its vitamin-c & peptides content. as philosophy skin care is very much scientific oriented, this product actually comes in 2 jars/bottles. the orange colour jar which contains the vitamin-c & peptides is lightly rub against the skin and then to apply the activator which activates the nutrients to the skin. once applied, you can feel the heat. it feels like doing science experiment. scientific reaction when 2 substances combined. sounds like a pro but i was a chemist student back in secondary school and it kinda reminds me of all the experiments we did in school.

we can't exfoliate our skin daily and what's most important is keeping it clean everyday. thus, the most basic skincare is a cleaner. maintaining the purity of our skin

purity made simple 3-in-1 cleanser for face and eyes
240ml for RM85

having a cleanser that doesn't leaves your skin feeling dry is very important. it's not good to feel like your skin is very dry after washing it though after you will apply moisturizer as this means that the product remove your natural skin oil. not to worry as this product just remove make up and cleanses your skin, but it maintains skin's proper moisture level. it's also a toner formulated with 12 essential oils.

it's not enough to just have natural skin oil as we still need to maintain the moisture level.

hope in jar (high-performance moisturizer for all skin types)
hope in a jar for dry skin (extra-rich moisturizer for normal to dry skin) 
60ml for RM140

hope in a jar is an award-winning, daily facial moisturizer that helps reduce the appearance of dull skin, rough texture and dehydration. you can immediately recognise the difference between it and hope in a jar for dry skin by their texture. one is extra creamier and i definitely prefer the one for dry skin with me having dry skin problem.

we were then introduced to miracle worker.

miracle worker
miraculous anti-aging retinoid pads

just like peel, this miracle worker comes in 2 - the miraculous anti-aging retinoid solution which we have to pour into the miraculous anti-aging retinoid treatment pad before the first usage. 

a fresh-pour before usage helps maintain the stability 
of the retinoid for maximum benefit.

retinoid refers to vitamin a and vit-a helps to boost collagen to reduce fine lines which in turn helps to improve anti-aging results.

and if that's not enough, there's always turbo booster c powder

turbo booster c powder (7ml) RM120
 when hope is not enough
hydrating antioxidant serum (30ml) RM155
it's undeniable how important vitamin c is for us. it helps to prevent premature aging by acting as antioxidant and supporting natural collagen. it can be mixed with any water-based serums/moisturizer to be used in which case we were introduced to when hope is not enough hydrating antioxidant serum.

philosophy isn't just comprised of skin care but also fragrance and body bath. grace is the name of philosophy fragrance line. every fragrance is clean, feminine and intimate. it fused differently with individual scent and philosophy believe that fragrance should not only make you smell good, but also make you feel good. philosophy stated that its fragrance enhanced our own scent to make us rejoice in being nobody else but just ourselves.

 philosophy fragrance range from RM100-RM165

every single time we bath, it's not just about cleaning ourselves but also relaxing ourselves. think of a hot shower after a tiring day of work. philosophy believes that daily shower should be a multisensory experience and an opportunity to indulge, relax and emerge to face the day with a clean body and a clear conscience.

 loved the colorful bath tub filled with philosophy body bath (480ml) RM85

we were introduced to four scents. field of flowers is the nicest among all. then there're mouth watering scent namely raspberry sorbet, vanilla birthday cake and melon daiquiri.

as i've mentioned that philosophy product has multi-tasking benefits, the body bath can be used as shampoo and conditioner as well. 3-in-1 and this make it so much easier for travel instead of carrying 3 different bottles of products during long trips.

i guess by now, you should have notice that i'm writing everything in lower caps. while going through the press kit, i was curious about all the lower caps including the brand name itself and found out that the lowercase and children's photo is used to remind us to live life with curiosity, wisdom and abundant joy.

here to the second picture you saw and its history:

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