An Evening with Dick Chua

I'm slower in my post as it's the CNY season and there's no PC nor internet back at my hometown. We didn't install because my parents don't need it.

Won an Instagram contest from BMW Shorties to meet Dick Chua. Thanks BMW Shorties team for arranging the meet up Saturday before CNY at The Red Bean Bag, Publika.

Have you ever watched Dick's short films/ videos? I find them to be very inspiring with the latest one called "The Pizza".

I told Dick that I found similarity between a few of his films and his replied was the 3 are a trilogy. This include The Pizza and also Murdered + Bloody Fish. Thriller and I find the setup like horror movie screen.

Not only that, the film requires you to think like watching Inception especially when "Murdered" and Andrea also mentioned that. So, it's not just me alone feeling the same

And not to be forgotten, I asked about his video edit on his trip to Taiwan

This video had actually inspired a friend of mine to capture videos and edit them every time he went on a trip. Dick mentioned that the video is not shoot intentionally but was out of random. He mentioned that holding a camera is a big responsibility during a holiday trip and it's very stressful. I totally agree especially when you keep looking for something to shoot. It's better to get all the shoots at random and you might come out with something amazing. So, if you are out on a trip, don't give yourself so much stress. Inspiration will come at times when you least expect.

This is the first time I meet Dick and he's super friendly. Though the whole team there knows each other, they didn't make me feel like an outsider.

It was an inspiring moment though I don't shoot videos. I prefer to watch instead but I've learnt videography in both my Diploma & Degree lessons and as such, feels a deep connection with it.