Saving Mr Banks

I haven't watch any movie since CNY. Not even "The Journey" and "Lego Man". Going back hometown for CNY = no cinema = no movie.

But the first movie and a good one after such long time is very much appreciated. I very much grew up watching Mary Poppins and though I don't remember the story, I remember most of the songs' chorus. Watching "Saving Mr Banks" so reminds me of my childhood especially watching it with my eldest sister.

I personally think that this movie is very nice, heartwarming and at the same time entertaining + hilarious. Plus it has captivating scenery and settings.

The whole story goes in and out of 2 different time settings revolving PL Travers' childhood and her present. It linked between how PL Travers gains her inspiration in creating the persona "Mary Poppins" and how this character was brought on screen to all of us to watch much later in 1964.

Never did I know that the character Mr Bank is so important in the movie Mary Poppins as I don't recall the story. I can only remember Mary Poppins and the kids. Lol... I didn't see how important this character is to the writer until this very moment.

I can't say how much I love the storyline and that the fact it's a true story gives the whole movie a very deep significance.

I gained a lot from this movie but I'm not sure if everyone thinks the way I do. Whatever happens in our childhood will leave very deep imprint in every single one of us and it also shapes the future us. Not realizing the harm of not forgiving oneself can be self destructive. And there's more to ponder about.

Any way Tom Hanks resembles Walt Disney a lot. And he plays him very well. Thanks Mr Walt Disney. Without you, there's no Mickey Mouse, there's no Disneyland and there's no many entertaining childhood and much much more. And there will be no Mary Poppins movie and no Saving Mr Banks. It may be make believe but oh well...

Be sure not to leave the cinema once the movie ended. You can hear the original recording of PL Travers and the gang in creating the storyboard for Mary Poppins. And Emma Thompson acted just like her.

Rating: 6/7

Thanks Nuffnang for the light and enjoyable evening