300 Rise of an Empire

Living up to the first 300 movie back in 2006, Rise of an Empire has many connection to the first. It tells of the story that lead to the battle of King Leonidas and his 300 Spartans with Persian "god-king" Xerxes and what happens concurrently. There are many short clips back to the downfall of the King Leonidas and men at the Hot Gates.

Moving on to navy battle in this sequel, 300 still bored me with it's lengthy story telling though I enjoy the thinking and strategy behind the war. I sum it with 2 words during my instagram post: brutal & crude.

It's even more brutal and crude compared to the first one as every scene of killing is slow mo, zoomed in and focused..........

There's lady in action in this movie. I loved Artemisia (Eva Green)'s ear cuff. She can be in a battle yet dressed to the best. She's one super smart, tactical, sexy and cruel lady. From a Persian perspective, she's one respected woman to help conquer the world. From a Greek perspective, she's one lady that we wished death.

Rating: 3/7

Thanks Nuffnang for the movie passes.