Asahi kicking start FMFA fever

It's a 2-week countdown to Future Music Festival Asia (FMFA) 2014 and I guess everyone is highly anticipating for the 3-day music party with over 70 international and local artistes.

Even before the real party begin, Asahi Super Dry has already started to get the balls rolling with 2 pre parties ahead........

First stop leading to the largest music festival in Southeast Asia was at Prodigy KL (previously known as Butter Factory) on last Friday featuring DJ Ramsey Westwood, Mr Nasty & Guru Guru and Monkey & Funkzu.

Who can resist to not party after a week of work though I have to be at work the next day on a Saturday *grin* Thanks Manoah :D

 With my super cute partner, Melody.
Pic courtesy to Michelle

With the girls that night - Julie, Kah Mon, Michelle, Olivia, Janice & Melody
Pic courtesy to Michelle

I look like a panda for my next day event but still it's fun after not partying for a long time.

 Second picture with Melody and Asahi. Both of us noticed that guy's hand 
which was just at the right/wrong angle.
Pic courtesy to Michelle

Asahi Super Dry is the official beer for FMFA 2014 and will be rewarding Asahi fans around Malaysia by giving them a chance to win VIP and FMFA passes both through its pre parties and in-outlet contests.

To know more, find out here:
Asahi Facebook
FMFA Facebook

I mentioned at the beginning that there're 2 pre parties and the second pre party is this coming Thursday with DJ Nikki and Partners.In.Crime at Play, The Roof while over at IDarts...

there will be DJ Eva T at the dance floor.

Don't miss out!

There's still chance to win VIP & FMFA passes or get your ticket for FMFA here before it's too late.

Definitely it's going to be an awesome festival with loads of beers as Asahi has guaranteed that all bars around the festival grounds will never run out of ice-cold Asahi beer... Woooooots. Let's party!