AsahiXFMFA Pre Partayyyyyyyyyyy 2

Did you managed to win the passes to FMFA at the 2nd pre party held at Play, The Roof last Thursday?

The beat is heating up leading to the main music festival. This pre party is way more fun compared to the first. Play was crowded like sardines in a can with awesome music and I can't imagine how awesome FMFA would be with Armin Van Buuren and more...

Here's some throwback picture to the party with AsahiXFMFA. All pictures were shared by Michelle

 Me and my partner, Melody

 With Michelle & Melody

 Melody, me, Joanna & Yukiko

 The girls - Julie, Joanna, Michelle, Melody and me

They saw me shooting them ;)

 This is how crowded the place was.

In the midst of so many people, my iPhone was actually knocked off my hand. I had panicked attack there as the ground was so dark and I can't feel my phone on the floor. Lucky there was a stranger who was kind enough to switch on his phone's torchlight for me (my gratitude) and phewwwwwwww.......... I found my iPhone. Within that split few seconds, I thought my phone was gone case and I was thinking that this must be a sign for me to change my iPhone since it's become a little cuckoo after it hit the ground hard the last round granny accidentally knocked me. Some times it rings even though the phone is in silent mode. And I was even starting to think if I should get a new iPhone or an Android. Hahaha... Silly me. Gotta be more careful next time then spoiling the night of fun.

Me holding my phone tightly with Melody again :)

It's 2 days to FMFA. Even the single day passes have sold out. So, have you gotten yours?