BVLGARI just launched it's latest men's fragrance this month called the AQVA AMARA EDT.

The AQVA AMARA is the percursor to the bestselling AQVA POUR HOMME. Both fragrances inspired by the Mediterranean Sea gives the energy and refreshment with its marine notes. The new precious gem from the sea, AQVA AMARA brings to mind the power and deepness of the sea.

It's been 10  years since the timeless AQVA POUR HOMME was introduced by master Jacques Cavalier (2004), the AQVA is not introduced to the shades of Mediterranean's volcanic soil. The AQVA POUR HOMME is blue in colour while the new AQVA Amara is copper in colour.



A vast contrast in colour, the AQVA AMARA has the rendition of AQVA POUR HOMME's signature aquatic note, enriched with the Sicilian mandarin and essence of Neroli as it's top note. Citrus and a little floral scent. Settled down to the water note - almost resembling POUR HOMME and at its base enriched with Indonesian patchouli and olibanum.

There's a reason why this fragrance is named Amara. "Amaro" means "bitter" in Italian and AQVA AMARA has the bitter twang of orange to it. I would say that the fragrance is actually citruscy. It's not overly citrus in smell but zesty and fresh.

The AQVA AMARA comes in 2 sizes:
50ml for RM255 and 100 ml for RM345

It's up at all counters but do check it out at its event area at East Entrance Lobby, Mid Valley.

They will be there until tomorrow only!

And yes, they are not just selling the men fragrance but has attractive sets for female fragrance as well.

In conjunction with the Mediterranean Sea theme, you will find a very unique activation on ground with the projection of undersea visual and dolphins will pop out whenever there's someone walking pass it.

It's first time Malaysia having a sensor capture human movement projection. Quite cool.

 Check out the little boy who is so fascinated by the fishes.

Tried capturing picture of the dolphins but failed cause
they disappeared before the shutter is pressed.

Experience it yourself at the Bulgari event area.

P/S: I know I've been typing BVLGARI as Bulgari but it's not a typo. BVLGARI is in the form of the classical Latin alphabet where V=English U.