FMFA 2014

This year is my first time attending FMFA thanks to Manoah for the complimentary ticket.

Janice came all the way to my place to fetch me there after work. We had to walk almost 30 minutes just to reach the entrance.

 I felt so relieve when I reached here.

It was a great opportunity to party with the girls.

 With Janice & Michelle.

The arrangements of music was awesome. Day 1 with Deadmau and Day 2 with ASOT (A State of Trance).

It's a pity I didn't attend Day 1 as it was a working day tomorrow and non of the girls were there. My initial plan was to go for Day 2 and 3. Saddest thing that I can only party for Day 2 as the 3rd day has to be cancelled. People were mad but the event organizer should not be blamed. They are also a victim. Potong stim that Day 3 was cancelled but I really had fun with ASOT.

Thanks Janice for the companion.

I was worried having to go to FMFA on my own. We had fun exploring the ground before we started partying.

First up with selfies at Kakao Talk booth and we were given Asahi beer for getting the app.

 With Michelle, Janice, her friend & Jia Wei.

Then we actually tried the hot air balloon.

 It was a cool experience.

 With Janice while we were queuing.

 I took this picture with a shaky hand. It was scary to be up there.

This picture is what's taken by Michelle. She was so calm up there.

Asahi Malaysia is the official beer sponsor for the Haunted House Arena. 

We can't drink at the main area but there are drinking zone but there's no doubt that we will not be running out of Asahi Super Dry beer. Lots of supply ;)

With Janice and the Asahi girls.

And the real party begins

Sharp at 8am, Armin had a minute of silence for #MH370. Up til today there's still no sight of the plane and I pray that everyone is save and sound. The person in front of me actually did this and it's very heartwarming

Then it's back to Eat.Sleep.Rave. Repeat.

And I had a good time with Janice and Michelle plus Michelle's friend - Michelle and Ian.

I look forward to be partying with you girls again. And let's hope the next FMFA can run smoothly without any cancellation. Dear all, please party smart and party save. Love yourself and say no to drugs.