Hennessy VSOP Privilege Collection IV

Last Thursday was an awesome night at Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection IV first Red Party at PLAY, The Roof. I felt very privilege to be invited there. Thanks Manoah for the invite.

I went there with Janice and we were both late that the party has already started. The entire PLAY was transformed to red unlike its usual appearance. From the entrance to the inside.

 Right outside of PLAY.
 Walking towards the inside.

The whole interior was decorated in red with red laser lights.

Right up front of the stage. The DJs doing their magic.

The 2 local DJs spinning there were super awesome. The really got the heat going up without the usual "potong stim" that some DJs do. They are really good and I love the spinning. I love the DJs but they are not revealing their names until the H-Artistry in Penang this May. Their identity is still a mystery.........

Look how they are in a helmet. Looks like "Power Ranger".

I wonder how they can manage to be in the helmet for so many hours. OMG! They must be sweating badly.

The dancers are very interesting tooooooo.........

 Pay attention to their glasses. I loved them.

 From up close. I told Janice that she reminds me of Cyclops (X-Men).

At 12am, we were presented the star of the night.

 The Hennessy V.S.O.P Privilege Collection 4

The bottle is pretty. Look at the bottle of unique amber red cognac colour.

Janice and me with the classy Red.
Picture credit to Jaz Khai.

We have to leave earlier as tomorrow is a working day. If only I can stay til it ends. The music is super good. Grooving to it would be fun.

 Last picture before leaving.
I think I've blend in to the background.

Don't worry if you didn't make it to this event. There's still a series of Red Parties coming your way:

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