The Journey

Everyone's been talking about this movie since CNY and I don't wanna be left out from not watching it. It's definitely a movie worthwhile watching. It's way better than this year's Hong Kong CNY movies. They were lousy from most of my friends' comment that I didn't even bother to watch nor even blog about those that I've watched. I would just tell my friends that they are a waste of my time.

Back to The Journey, it's about "a conservative father who gives in to his daughter's (Bee) wish to marry a foreigner (Benji) on one condition -  that the groom-to-be takes a journey with him around the country to hand out the wedding invitations personally".

It's a very heartwarming movie. The Journey is so meaningful and feel so close to home. At the very beginning I find Benji to be a jerk but after watching it through, he turns out to be completely opposite. It's not just about "the journey" to send out invitation but also a "journey" in life that will change a person.

Though they are not well-known actors, they are really good especially Benji (Ben Andrew Pfeiffer) and the father-in-law (Frankie Lee). They are cute and funny. I have to agree with Jessie that Bee (Joanne Yew) felt so detached from the movie. Her acting skills and expression need so much improvement.

Simple storyline, simple characters, no big hu-ha but it was plain awesome.The conversation was funny and really resembles the way typical Chinese talks to Caucasians. The movie also managed to capture how beautiful Malaysia is and it's rich culture.

I've never expected Malaysian movie to be this good. It actually raised my bar towards future Malaysian movie. Really did Malaysian proud. Btw, it's the first local movie to have achieved highest box office sales of RM13m. Way to go Astro Shaw!

Rating: 6/7