The Lego Movie

Let's just say I don't know how to rate this movie. It's way overrated.

I find it to be boring. Yeah. Trust me. I brought my nephew to watch it and he was bored. Can you imagine a kid not enjoying a cartoon? Unless you are a Lego fan who collects it, I think it's boring and super messy in graphic. Graphic animation needs a lot of improvement. No... Everything is not oh....sum...... Besides they portray my favourite hero - Mr Bruce Wayne badly. Spoiling his image and everything. I love my dark knight k... Don't tarnish his reputation!

However, I'm in a dilemma here. I like movie where I can take something back home and this is one of it. It's about creativity in a child vs an adult. As we grew up, we tend to be less creative. While we are still young, we are brave enough to explore and do things as we like. We have our own thinking while going through the process of being shaped, formed and told that everything needs to follow rules. Everything needs to be perfect. How long have you challenge the way you do things nor have you tried to challenge the norm?

I play Lego while I grew up and there're so many things inside the movie which I can relate to.

So, at the end of the day, I don't really quite know how to rate The Lego Movie. From a perspective of one who seeks entertainment from watching a cartoon, I will rate it super low probably at 2/7 but looking at it being meaningful and all, I will add in another few points.

Rating: 3.5/7