Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Mr Peabody & Sherman Review

I haven't been blogging for about a week. Was falling sick so I was in bed at 9pm most of the days. There's so much movie that I've watched over the past 2 weeks.

The major one of course is Captain America: The Winter Soldier. A must watch!! Don't miss it as this is even better than the first one.

It's hard to find someone with Steve's characteristic. So cool looking yet so cute in personality. Scarlett Johansson looks so different yet she's still so beautiful. I like the idea of Black Widow with Captain America but too bad she already has Hawkeye.

The whole movie is very good. From visual effects, the tech, the storyline, the characters, the fighting choreograph... And definitely Marvel.

Don't leave the cinema once the movie ended. There's 2 after credits. So, don't miss them.

Rating: 6/7

In less than a week, RIO 2 is coming........... and I realized I haven't even blogged about Mr Peabody and Sherman which was an awesome cartoon.

Heartwarming, funny and cool. I love Mr Peabody. He's so smart and calm whenever there's problem. Sherman is the complete opposite but this contrast makes them compliment each other. On the other hand, I don't like Penny's personality yet she's one very important character in the movie. Without her, the story cannot go on. She makes me feel like slapping her. She's like a devil advocate to Sherman and I don't even know why he "loves" her. Yet, I wish I was mischievous as her when I was young. It would definitely leave a lot of memorable memories.

The WABAC is a very creative technology. Super awesome. If only I can go explore in it, I will go wonder back to old China when there's still all the Dynasty and Emperor.

Lesson learnt in this movie: ignore how other views you. Like Sherman, he doesn't like being called a dog as Mr Peabody is his "dad" but redundant this may seem - dog has a loving nature whereas human can sometimes be way more inhuman than an animal. Cruel, cold-blooded, selfish that they are worst than a beast. I wish I have a pet dog but til now, I don't think I can sustain one.

Thanks Churp Churp for the movie premiere.

Rating: 5.5/7

I'll update the rest when I'm back from my weekend getaway :)