Escape Room

If you are thinking of doing something in a group, head on to Escape Room. I think it's the current craze of the town. We had one awesome Friday night thanks to Churp Churp.

We were all given a chance to try it out at Escape Room Berjaya Times Square. I was not in my best condition as I was driven crazy by someone that my whole thought keeps going back to her even though I tried to block my thoughts. I even missed the turning to Melody's home while I went to fetch her. Initially we were both supposed to reach earlier than the stated time but we ended up late because I took I missed the turning to her home. Lol.

Luckily we weren't late for the game. Took picture before starting the game:

Churpers were divided into three teams. Each team with 8 people. When it's almost time, we were all briefed by Nick on what to expect:

We were in Team Nick.

And got the hardest room of the 3 - The Taken.

The most difficult room to unlock at Escape Room Time Square is The Haunted House.
But since we have 3 rooms, it was Taken, The Vampire Chronicles and Gallery.

And kudos to the awesome team members for winning the game. I felt like I didn't contribute at all except at the very beginning.

Final group picture with the Churpers & Churpies. Read more here.

If you have not tried Escape Room and wondering what it is, a team of people are all locked in a room and we have to try to escape it in 45 minutes. Usually the maximum to one room is 6 people only. Each room has different theme, different level of difficulties and different clues to help us unlock it. It might be room to room unlock or you could be stuck inside 1 room for the short 45 minutes.The clues inside the room sometimes could be so simple that we don't think about it. Proof how we love to make things complicated.

I've been to The Pirates @ Escape Room,The Curve before this with my colleagues and every I find that coming back for round 2 is so different. This time round, Taken is so much difficult and so hard to unlock. Even the clues and way to find the code to unlock the locks are very different.

We lost in our first attempt at the one very final lock. But I do find Escape Room need to improvised in their locks. Both places I went, we also encountered lock/door that's spoilt that we wasted our time unable to open it. Luckily for the one at Berjaya, they added back 5 minutes to our timing. But for the one at The Curve, there aren't any extra time given though we wasted quite a fair bit of time trying to open the stucked door.