Prodigy KL Redefined - Official Grand Launch

Been having bad days lately...
  • iPhone got reformatted and all my pictures went missing BUT luckily got my friend's around.
  • Roach in the car and dominated it that I had to let it win over my car and took a cab to work BUT I'm so lucky to have my manager who was so good to sent me home from work :)
  • Sick for the past 2 days BUT I  had a very entertaining weekend.
Always look at the bright side of things :)

Was invited to attend Prodigy KL official grand launch last Friday with the BFFs.

Thanks to Manoah for the exclusive invites. The coming pics in this post are all credits to my friend Ray and some from Jaz Khai & Prodigy KL. Thank you very much :)

  With Michelle, Li Chuen and the girls

 With Manoah team and all other bloggers

Haven't hang out with my friends for a long time ever since CK's wedding.

With the newly wed

Prodigy KL is located opposite Pavilion KL right at Jalan Kia Peng. If you do not know where it is, it's the previous Butter Factory. The first time I went to Prodigy KL was for FMFA pre party and it looks absolutely different. The new Prodigy KL is so modern in look and feel.

We were standing near the tables and bar.

Prodigy KL needs to look into one thing near the area that I was standing. A few people nearly fell down because of the small little step there. Need to be extra careful. Probably need to put some lighting at the step so that people will take note of that area.

 I look like a green mutant here.

It was a great night with great music.

And last but not least DJ Da Queen.

We left earlier as Sam was already half drunk from his company's annual dinner when he got to Prodigy. He was so funny that night but he can't remember anything he said after waking up the next morning.

And guess who I met the next day ;)