Transcendence Review

Johnny Depp in a science fiction movie. He really has many talent though I think this movie doesn't take him much effort.

I was super blur that night, queued at the correct line to collect my tickets and went back to the wrong lane. The seat that we got was broken that we sat at someone's seats until I think Sarah came. Luckily within the same row there's 2 empty seats. Hahaha... Then I lost my parking chip IN MY CAR after paying. Blur max.

Any way back to the movie, thanks Nuffnang. It really depends if you like the movie or hate it. The storyline was pretty slow at the beginning and quite boring so that it set up the whole story of Dr Caster transcendence into the AI world.

However, the storyline will turn around at the back and then you will start to doubt Johnny's character. In return, he was true to himself, his love for his wife. It takes some interpretation and thinking for the movie. Jessie was sick and at the end of the movie had so many questions for me.

Rating: 3/7