Bringing You Together-Gether

Got invited to KakaoTalk Bringing You Together-Gether with the Youtubers fortnightly ago :) I was part of the 200 lucky people invited. Yeah... can meet and great my favourite Youtubers - The Ming Thing, Dan Khoo, Grim Film, Joseph Germani and JinnyboyTV...

In conjunction with World Hangout Day, KakaoTalk actually organized this event so that the users can hangout with the Youtubers...

Picture before meeting the Youtubers.

Actually I don't know what to expect when I got the invitation as it was supposed to be a 3 hours event. But it was a fun session with the Youtubers sharing their personal stories and some behind the scene clips.

We were shown The Ming Things latest video even before it was released few days after the event.

It was so funny......

The gang from Grim Film is very funny too with their different styles of videography. The emo type and the funny one. I like both actually.

And Joseph Germani explaining his latest video "Monchichi" and how it came about. Interesting story.

Dan Khoo and how we "Bananas" can relate to his videos.

During the session for Jinnyboy TV - The Rose, Reuben and Jin mentioned that it was based on Jin's real story and was some how related to "Unfold". However, the story is so interesting and I love the twist at the back.

Marianne's script at the part she thought Jin was going to express his love to her is so familiar at first watch. After watching the 2nd time, it struck my mind where the script comes from....... it's the same from Jennifer Aniston's movie "The Switch".

And I had an entertaining session with all the Youtubers. They even had contest for the audience to win Kakao Dolls :)

While I was there, I overheard this conversation between 2 girls which I find it so true:

G1: You know what? Youtubers are way better than blogger? They are more friendly.
G2: Huh? But I've met bloggers who are very friendly.
G1: Oh... I don't mean the big bloggers like Fourfeetnine or Jane Chuck but I meant those bloggers who think they are very great but actually not. They are just plain "lansi". Don't even smile or greet people.

The above is based on my translation. They were conversing in Chinese.

I guess that's quite real though I'm a blogger myself. Lol. The Youtubers are super friendly. I have met them personally (not at event) and they still greet and smile even though I didn't approach them. I think not only that, Youtubers are very punctual but bloggers are always late. I don't mean Malaysian timing, they are not 15 minutes late but more than half an hour (which I think is way too over).

I dislike people being late and I always try to be on the dot. I used to attend event way earlier until I realized that people are always late and as such, I started to become later. I'll be late depending on who I go out with. Hahahaha.....

Any way the event started late because of an interview that take place with the Youtubers. Thus, it ended late that I only managed to get quick pictures with the Youtubers before speeding back home town for granny's birthday celebration. But traffic was bad that it took me almost 2 hours to reach.

Here to some quick pictures with only a few Youtubers whom we managed to stop and take picture with

 With Jinnyboy & Marianne

With Joseph Germani & Dan Khoo

I had a good time thanks to Kakao Talk. Here's to the group picture