Curbing Monday Blue

It's Monday again... And instead of feeling the blue, why not be more optimistic and have a more positive vibe?

So, here are three simple tips to get through Monday blue...

1) Wear happy colours
Instead of wearing something dark like black, grey and dark blue, why not try to wear something bright and sunny like yellow and pink? I've read in an article before that wearing yellow or pink on a Monday helps to bring positive vibes to everyone around you. Not only that you will feel good, others around you will also feel happier instead of being very gloomy.

Yellow mood board - Sunny, bright and happy
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Does this look sweet, lovely and good?

2) Have awesome Friday night / weekend plans
Having an awesome plan that you look forward to will keep you motivated to finish your work. The M for Monday could simply mean "Motivation". Having something that you look forward to will make your week seems so much better.

No plans yet? Why not head over to Prodigy KL? Friday night is Filth Fortune.

When I went for the launch of Prodigy KL, the beat was very light and my friend mentioned that it as not strong enough. However, I think it was just because it was tuned down during the launch. When we arrived there at Prodigy car park, you can already feel the music hype from outside.

Where there is good music, there's fun

With the girls :)

3) Love what you are doing
Of course waking up to what you love to do everyday is very important. If you are dreading waking up to work everyday then you might need to reconsider what you are doing.

Til then. Have fun...