Godzilla vs X-Men: Days of Future Past

It's summer blockbuster time....... Loads of big movies and I haven't even watch Spidy. Gonna go catch up on my own this weekend. Don't wanna miss out on that. Next week is Edge of Tomorrow and Maleficent. Happyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

But first let me review X-Men: Days of Future Past first which is not even up yet until tomorrow :) I was sick (still am) but I went for movie. I look super tired and pale but still..... it's a movie premiere...

The storyline is awesome but you will need to understand how it works. How Wolverine will go back to the past and why is it important to send him back in time. And at the same time, the future is still happening. I don't know what I'm saying already. In summary, they are happening concurrently.

There's a lot of funny scenes and of course fighting and fighting. The part at Pentagon with "Quicksilver" got me laughing the most. The choreography of the fighting is very well sync. The arrangement of how each move leads to the other especially when Blink is around is awesome.

The makeup of the crews are super good. Can you imagine that Mystique is actually Katniss Everdeen in Hunger Games?

  She looks so different.

And I loved Fan Bing Bing's appearance as Blink. The only person that's not cool is Cyclops. I used to have a crush on him when I was young but he look so old school at the end of the movie :( Of course I watched X-Men cartoon when I was a kid. And now I wonder why I used to think that Beast and Wolverine is the same character.

Last but no least, don't miss out the after credit at the super ending which will only appear after all the credit rolling.

Rating: 4.5/7

And of course here to Godzilla (2014) which I find boring at the beginning and then confusing with the appearance of MUTO and how Godzilla is here to restore the balance of the world =.=!!!

While watching the movie, I find what's missing in the movie is him....

Really reminded me of Ultraman. Got monsters but no hero.

I beg to differ from majority who said that it is awesomely nice...

Rating: 2.5/7

Thanks Churp Churp for both the premiere passes.