a matter of philosophy 2

a month ago on labour day, i shared on instagram my new addition of skincare - philosophy brighten my day

it's the 2 on the left - brightening lotion and essence

so i challenged myself for 4 weeks to test out the whitening range. they just launched it in may and it is said that this range is designed to diminish dark spots, but also redness and pores, all the troubling skin imperfections that take the focus away from  the ideal skin.

the brighten my day has a 10.3.3 complex:
  • 10 complimentary actions on pigmentations: significantly reduce dark spot and brighten skin tone.
  • 3 combined effects on pores: visibly improve enlarged and darkened pores aspect
  • 3 correlating actions on redness

brighten my day all-over skin perfecting brightening lotion (on the left)  has a light texture. it has no colour, texture as light as water. however, for me, it's still very strong for my skin and will cause slight redness but instead of the usual 10 cent coin size of toner, i reduced it to half and it was good. it is said to
1) minimize the look of dark spots and the appearance of visible pores
2) smoothes, lightly moisturizes and brightens skin, making it perfectly prepared to receive the next brightening treatment
3) helps illuminate the skin
4) lightweight lotion with a translucent texture leaves skin brighter and hydrated

it is lightly scented and nice. it's rm110 for 240ml.

brighten my day all-over skin brightening essence (top pic on the right) is very rich and milky. 2-drop is more than enough. this essence is designed to reduce dark spots, reduce pores and diminish redness and achieve radiantly bright, flawlessly beautiful skin.

 this bottle of 30ml is RM215

the essence is dryer and as such i need moisturiser for the face. in the day, i used Shiseido WrinkleResist24 as it has SPF while at night, i used hope in a jar which contains the ester of lastic acid for exfloation to help promote smooth, healthy-looking skin. it also contains beta-glucan to help give the skin a healthy, rosy glow, high-performance moisturiser with antioxidants to help protect skin against environmental attack. Both moisturisers work wonder but I dislike the scent of hope in a jar moisturiser.

i applied brightening lotion and essence twice a day for a month and tadah......

the picture on the left is taken on 1 may (labour day) 
the picture on the right is taken on 1 june 

you can see that i'm actually fairer. yeah :) no filter is used in the pictures. even my neck is fairer. my eyes colour is different according to mood. i'm sick for 3 weeks (a very bad cough) which is why my eyes is browner and lips is a lot paler in colour. the redness between my eyebrows has significantly reduced. and if you see properly, the picture on the left actually has better lighting that my hair is much browner in colour.

challenge yourself and try them out yourself for fairer skin :)

[products from press kits. this is not a sponsored post]