Mamee Chef Day

31 May 2014 signifies that half of 2014 is passing. Did you spend your first half of 2014 significantly? Recalling my first half of 2014 is good. I’m doing what I love and loving what I do :) 

 Ended my first half of 2014 with a rather different one day trip to Melaka… Alongside 60 bloggers, we went to Mamee-Double Decker Factory for a tour and it’s the first time Mamee opens the factory for the public (aka media) to visit.

 Group picture before we proceed with the tour.
Picture credit to Mamee’s photographer

Mamee is established in Malaysia for 42 long years and still growing. Revisiting my childhood via Mamee Monster factory is fun. I’ve been snacking on Mamee for so long and finally have the chance to see how they are produced. It’s definitely an eye opening day for me.

Mamee produced 6 tonnes of flour every day and covers both Malaysia and international market. Can you imagine that 4.2 million out of 5.47 million household buyers in Peninsular Malaysia purchased the Mamee-Double Decker instant noodle? That’s a HUGEEEEE number.

More amazing is that the process of producing the product is so faassssssst that the 9 steps seem easy.

It’s like within minutes and they are ready

The machinery may look simple yet Mamee actually invested RM80 million on them for the technology that imitate the La Mian technique for better and springier noodle texture or now well-known as Mi Tarik. With this machine and technology, they are able to make the noodle goes through the same pulling and folding process like the traditional La Mian noodles.

 Mamee Chef from China showing us the

traditional way of making the La Mian (Mi Tarik)

Mamee also collaborated with our local Dato’ Chef Ismail to create original flavor that represents Malaysia and thus Mamee Chef Thai Tom Yam and Curry Laksa is created.

The fresh ingredients for Mamee Chef Curry Laksa.

No wonder Mamee Chef Curry Laksa has been rated the Top 10 Best Instant Noodles in the World by The Ramen Rater. Mamee was also awarded Putra Brand (Bronze) and Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Excellent Awards.

We were then brought to Jonker Street. Little did I know that they have opened a café at Jonker Street. Mamee Café? Yup. You hear me right. In this café you can find scrumptious array of delicious noodles including Mamee Mee Goreng, Creamy Tom Yum and Mamee Pasta. Not only that, the Hainanese Chicken Rice Balls in the café is super awesome. It is said that it’s created from a top-secret recipe by Grandma “Mamee” Pang herself. We managed to try it for our lunch and it was yummy. The rice itself is very fragrant but I can’t take the chili cause I was having a very bad cough :(

Say hello to the friendly Mamee Monster

It ain’t just about eating at the café, visitors can go to the Noodle Doodle corner where we can personalized our Mamee Chef Noodle Cup from drawing to mix & match our favourite seasoning and condiments at only RM3.50/cup.

Or you can visit Lil Monster Kitchen to make your very own Noodle Snack. The workshop sessions are available on Saturday and Sunday at 11am, 1.30pm and 3pm and prior booking is required.

Mamee chef teaching us at the Lil Monster Kitchen

I feel like a kid for a day, like going on a school trip with all my childhood friends – Mamee Monster & Mr Potato. I wish I could visit Mamee World to reminisce childhood fantasies and memories. It will be back in operation in 2 months time.

Thanks Mamee. Not only do I feel like a kid, I was able to make new friends.

Say hello to Anne, Nicole and Michelle.
Thanks for the companion and laughters J

Visit Mamee Facebook Page for more info.
Mamee Jonker House (Café) is at No. 45 & 48 Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200 Melaka