Never look down on a simple flu

My bad for being so quiet lately with my blog post for I was very sick for the past few weeks.
Started off with a normal sore throat to cough and flu. It got worst.

I’ve never thought that a normal sickness could be that bad. My body was not functioning well that I felt very bad. I can’t sleep at night and as such, the moment I got home after work, I literally fell asleep. I will usually awake from a bad cough at around 10-ish, had my dinner, bath and back to sleep. That’s been repeating for the past few weeks.

It was a condition called postnasal drip. The fluid from the nasal area (nose) drips into the throat which creates an irritating feeling. As it’s a bacteria infection, the fluid contains inflammatory substances and triggers cough, which gets worst at night. It also causes sore throat. My condition was bad as it is not only dripping into my throat but my lungs. I had breathing difficulty and the night cough caused me to vomit.

I went to the doctor twice and the ER at SJMC once.  I even tried the natural remedies of boiled coke and steam orange. None of them work that I went to the Ear Nose Throat (ENT) specialist at Subang Jaya (right opposite SJMC). I was told by the specialist if I was any later, the infection would have caused me asthma. If it gets serious, it will become ear infection or leads to blindness. Scary wei….. 

I was given an antibiotic to be taken once a day for 5 days, 2 nasal sprays – 1 to clean and 1 for lightening the mucus in the nasal area, an innohaler/turbohaler to help in my breathing, an anti inflammatory pill and phlegm medications.

It is said that taking normal flu medication to thicken the mucus had only worsen my condition and as such, seeing the ER at SJMC did not helped. I was even told that the medication disseminate by SJMC is “general medicine” and is not as good as the branded medicine; that my medication from my 2nd GP is way better. One of the GP medicine is exactly the same as the one from the ENT.

Thankfully I’m recovering though I’m still not feeling very well this whole week. I had to go back to the ENT for a follow up check. Hopefully the viruses will clear off by then.