BCL BFF Makeup Party

Friendship is not about quantity but quality. Been spending a lot of time with this girl...

She's not just my sister but BFF as well.

She's been spending lots of time with me and I've brought her to her first ever makeup workshop - The BCL BFF Makeup Party which was organised over the weekend.

I've seen BCL product but have never tried it before. So, I did a little more research into the brand. BCL is a beauty brand from Japan and in short, it stands for Beauty Creative Lab.

There are a few ranges under the BCL brand including:
1. Makemania Data
2. BrowLash Ex - eye makeup perfect for beginners
3. Tsururi - skincare range that targets the problem of 'pores'

To enhance our experience with the brand, BCL had invited renown makeup artist, Hiroki-san from Japan to gave us the workshop.

Hiroki-san demonstrated 2 different makeup styles using the same range of BCL products - Cool Beauty & Japanese Idol:
  • Cool Beauty for a defined & mature image that's suitable for night outing or party
  • Japanese Idol for a supernatural image that's suitable for work & casual outing 

It's a simple workshop that beginners (like my sister) can understand. Hiroki-san demonstrated the products step-by-step and let us try out at every step so that we are able to learn and catch up.

Of course every first step to makeup is the base and we were introduced to the new ClearLast Natural Cover Pact. It comes in 2 different colours

01 Natural Ocher (on the left); 02 Light Ocher (on the right)

They look almost similar but there's difference between both. I usually use makeup brush to apply powder and not quite used to using a sponge. Hiroki-san taught that there are differences between dabbing and swiping the powder on the face to create different effect. A gentle reminder from Hiroki-san: to avoid having too much foundation at the edge of the face as it will make the whole look unnatural.

Then comes the eyes makeup guide and we were taught to start from the eyebrow first which I usually does it last...

Trying out BCL Browlash Ex with Gel Pencil & Powder for a natural look.
This product will be launch in September.

Filling in the brow and shaping it differently will create different impacts on your appearance. You can definitely compare the differences between Jen's makeup:

Half left is Cool Beauty while half right is Japanese Idol

The difference is very obvious here whereby her the eyebrow on the left is more pointy while the eyebrow on the right is drawn at a different angle towards the bottom. Jen's eyebrow on the right used the BrowLash Ex Pencil & Liquid and it is more defined and darker.

Top: BrowLash Ex Pencil & Powder
Bottom: BrowLash Ex Pencil & Liquid

The other thing that will make your appearance different is the eyeshadow.

Jen on the left without makeup. On the middle & right is how Hiroki-san drew the eyeshadow with BCL Makemania Data Gradation Tip Shadow (RM49.90).

The eyeshadow can also be used to colour the eyebrows and as a eyeliner.

Thin lines for eyeliner while the one on the right for
eyeshadow. Lines on the left is Light Brown while lines on the
right is Bronze Brown that has shimmer and more glittery.

And something more interestingly that I've learnt from the workshop is we no longer need to hide our eye bags. OMG.... The trend nowadays is not to cover up eye bags but how to make it be our 优点 (advantage). Apparently this way makes a person look innocent. This is how it is done:

Eye bag filler that creates depth at the bottom of the eye bag.

Perfect imperfection. Finally I no longer need to hide my eye bags. Hiroki-san mentioned that my eye bags are deep enough that I don't even need to highlight it any more =.=

From the whole workshop, the product that I like most is the BrowLash Ex Perfect Mascara & Eyeliner (RM69.90). It's a 2-in-1 product with mascara at one tip and eyeliner at the other.

I never tried the mascara but I love the eyeliner colour which is a metallic bronze.

The reason why I did not used the above mascara is because I tried the soon to be launch Washable Mascara which is waterproof but can be removed with warm water:


Natural look with BCL eyebrow, eyeshadow and mascara applied.
No longer need to cover up my eyebags. Lol...
 Thanks BCL Malaysia, Manoah and Mandom for the makeup session

Find out more at BCL Malaysia Facebook page.

Group picture with everyone at the workshop