Payot Expert Purete

It's almost 2 months back that I was introduced to Payot and I would like to share with you things I've learnt about it. I was introduced to Payot latest range - the EXPERT PURETE

The launch was in the form of workshop so that we can experience the products on our own.

Expert Purete is the new generations of expert care for clear, purified and radiant skin. This skincare fits both combination and oily skin people and suitable for any age. It is formulated and tested under dermatological control. This range is based on careful selection of active ingredients, specially chosen for their effectiveness and perfect skin tolerance. I'm a person with highly sensitive skin that's easily allergic to strong products and this range is totally okay with me.

Ms Aurelia, Payot trainer

Ms Aurelia purposely flew in to Malaysia to give workshop on the new range and it was a great opportunity for us to understand the brand and products better. Before we were introduced to the products within the Expert Purete range, we were asked to clean our face with Payot Demaquillant D'Tox that is mix into foam form and then cleaning off with Payot Cleansing Milk (Lait Demaquillant Fraicheur) to remove our make-up. It is a light milk texture.

We tried our hand on the Payot Expert Purete Masque Purifiant which is a cream mask with exfoliating grains. It has a double action whereby we can use it as a mask and exfoliator:
  1. Mask: matifies and smoothes skin texture
  2. Exfoliator: unclogs and purifies skin.
The mask contains chilean mint extract that works against sebum and prevent the appearance of inflammation, zinc extract that deep-cleanses, 7% AHA esters that provide cutaneous micro-exfoliation to help smooth the skin surface. If you were to use it as a mask, leave on for 5 minutes and then rinse. As for exfoliation, apply on a damp face, massage in then rinse.

Payot Masque Purifiant, 50ml @ RM150

It is very important to exfoliate the skin once a week. We were told to focus on areas including the nose, chin and forehead where sebum usually forms. Do not do it daily! Doing it daily will damage the skin. Then how often you have to exfoliate? Once a week is more than enough.

Exfoliating makes my face dry :(

After cleansing off the masque, we applied the Payot lotion (toner) and Payot Purifying Detoxifying Essence to help moisturize the skin. Next step was to apply Payot Expert Points Noir which specialized on unclogging blocked pores. I'll talk about this more in my next post as I've been using it for a month ;-)

And of course a layer of moisturizer is very important. Payot Creme Matifiante is a ultra-high performance formula that help fights against shine and dilated pores. Similar to the mask, it contains chilean mint extract that prevents inflammation. Rose fruit extract in the moisturizer gives a very floral, sweet and light fragrance that's very relaxing smell. It's not just that, this ingredient regulates the skin's keratinisation process that reduces the sight of pores, smoothen and refine skin texture. It has a velvety texture and ensure that skin feels matte throughout the day.

Creme Matifiante, 50ml @ RM195

And of course, not to forget a final layer of sunscreen protection. My skincare contains SPF and as such, I never use sunscreen. Two reasons I don't use sunscreen is because I dislike the greasy feeling and I'm a little lazy since my skincare has SPF. Lol. I know it's wrong and if I'm going to any place where I'm exposed to extreme sunlight then I'll make effort to apply sunscreen. I have to admit that the Payot Sun Sensi SPF 50+ does not leave a greasy feeling.

Sun Sensi Cream Visage SPF50+, 50ml @ RM169

Do you know that you need to re-apply sunscreen after every two hours if you are continuously expose to the sun?

 Me with Ms Aurelia

Group picture after the workshop ended.

Directly after Payot event, I was headed to Putrajaya with the gang from @igersmalaysia for a photo shoot day. It was a super hot day and I can really say that Payot products did leave my skin feeling matte for the whole day.

Any way, here's some picture from the outing.

That was my 2nd outing with them and am looking forward to the next one :)

Do you know?
  1. Payot is pronounced as pa-yo with the "t" being silence.
  2. It was established by Dr Nadia Gregoria Payot, one of the first few female doctors from Lausanne School of Medicine and she did research to help the population in Argentina stricken by poverty and disease.
  3. It was during her trip to New  York in 1917 that sparkle the existence of Payot brand today. Dr Payot met a life-changing acquaintance - Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova. She was struck by the youthful appearance of Anna's body and signs of ageing on her face. This meeting proved to be a real revelation that Dr Payot started to develop beauty philosophy based on movement, facial "physical culture" exercise and essential skin care products.
  4. All face and body care treatments offered at the Payot Institute are based on the famous 42-movement protocol developed by Dr Payot.
  5. The 42 movements significantly increase the effectiveness of the products.
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